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Oh, SmAlbany!

Daily posts and occasional longer essays about politics, culture, and life in the Capital Region...updated M-F, midmorning

"I write this not as a booster of Albany, which I am, nor an apologist for the city, which I sometimes am, but rather as a person whose imagination has become fused with a single place, and in that place finds all the elements that a man ever needs..." -W. Kennedy, from O Albany!

Revenge of the Sith

Saw the new star wars last night, and I loved it. I was a huge star wars fan as a child, and was quite disappointed with The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. Revenge of the Sith, however, was amazing. The first 45 minutes were a bit slow, but interesting nonetheless. After that the movie was as riveting and enjoyable as the older ones. And gosh, I'm still a sucker for the opening music and the adrenaline rush of seeing the yellow "Star Wars" logo blast onto the spacey background when the movie starts. Overall, the movie deserves to be grouped with the first three, not the more recent two.

More importantly, Revenge brought me around to the belief that it was worth making the prequels. Before last night, I had mostly wished Lucas never started them up again. Now I think it was worth it. So much of the full story is now brought into better relief - I can say without reservation that Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi will be more enjoyable to watch now that I've seen Revenge of the Sith. It really does bring it full circle. We all left the theater itching to watch the original Star Wars, which we will this week.

As usual, the dialoge wasn't great, but the transformation of Anakin, the destruction of the Jedi, and the fall of the republic make for such a riveting plot that it doesn't matter. The last hour of the movie taps into the emotional stream of the original star wars in a way that is quite spectacular. The crowd was really into it as well, cheering certain scence on and applauding loudly when it was over. It's odd to see a movie in which you know the otucome - it's really of question of how instead of what. This, I think, played to Lucas' strengths. The movie was forced to have a solid connection to the original Star Wars - and all the good will people have toward it.

Go see it, you won't be disappointed. Finally, finally, Lucas delivers the goods.
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At 7:42 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said:

yeah, matt, i agree. galvin and i saw it last night (after painfully sitting through episode I and then less painfully through episode II) and freakin' loved it. the sequence of all the Jedi getting killed gave me chills. and then the last few clips where the sets looked just like the sets of episode IV was brilliant.    

At 11:28 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said:

Just saw it.

Good story line, too bad Lucas wrote it.    

At 10:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said:

I saw it in San Diego on opening night - midnight show. It was rad! Worth staying up super late, worth the $30 I spent on popcorn, soda, and candy I didn't eat! We would have liked to see more wookies, but the scene with Chewy was worth the hype and it nearly brought tears to my eyes!

My highschool students love to make fun of much of the dialogue, namely when Obi-Wan says to Anakin, "But Anakin! You were the chosen one! I love you!" and then proceeds to... well, I don't want to ruin it.

Agree - it's a must see, if nothing else but to see how Episode 4 all begins!    

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