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Oh, SmAlbany!

Daily posts and occasional longer essays about politics, culture, and life in the Capital Region...updated M-F, midmorning

"I write this not as a booster of Albany, which I am, nor an apologist for the city, which I sometimes am, but rather as a person whose imagination has become fused with a single place, and in that place finds all the elements that a man ever needs..." -W. Kennedy, from O Albany!

No sex tape yet

No sex tape yet: Yesterday we predicted that the Beth Geisel case was heading inevitably toward the surfacing of a homemade sex tape. Hasn't happened yet, but there are rumors flying of some cell phone pictures.

And we've officially moved into "code red circus" mode - the TU is no longer the paper of record on this, you'll need to go the New York Post if you want to be on the cutting edge. Today they are reporting that Geisel is claiming she was coerced into sex by the 16 year old. Let's go the tape, courtesy of her lawyer, Don Kinsella:
"I'm not saying that there was physical force involved with each of the incidents with the 16-year-old; there are other possibilities concerning coercion that don't amount to force in terms of using a situation as leverage."
This is just too much.

But maybe she has a point, I can think of one type of coercion Kinella might be referecing when he says "non-physical leverage:" Blackmail! Something like this:

"Either you sleep with me again, or i'm telling the cops about our relationship, your trists with those three other students, the kegs you bought us last week, and the sex tape we made Tuesday!"

Meanwhile, CBA is asking the media to show some restraint. Apparently, the phone was busy at the internet.

Interestingly enough, this is only national news when it happens in Albany. The NY Post is reporting a local NYC teacher sex story today....
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