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Oh, SmAlbany!

Daily posts and occasional longer essays about politics, culture, and life in the Capital Region...updated M-F, midmorning

"I write this not as a booster of Albany, which I am, nor an apologist for the city, which I sometimes am, but rather as a person whose imagination has become fused with a single place, and in that place finds all the elements that a man ever needs..." -W. Kennedy, from O Albany!

One blogger's fascination

Strange fascination, fascinating me: Hey - I love Dave Lucas' Capital Region People blog as much as the next guy, but i think it's time we all call him out on his near-obsession with young female Asian bloggers - here, here, here, and here(?). You want to head that direction once a month, fine. A few extended posts or an expose now and then, go for it. But I can't endorse it as one of the running themes of a blog. Not a blog called Capital Region People.

It's just too - i don't even know the word for it - mysterious strange creepy. I'd go back to 24/7 Geisel coverage - wasn't that boosting your traffic numbers through the roof this month, Dave? [didn't you use the same trick? -ed. Since when do i care about hits? I guess that would explain the posts about LeBrun's columns...-ed. Ouch. Low blow.]

And look - I'm all for running themes and obsessing about silly things to excess on a blog - god knows I've written a couple thousand too many words about saratoga this summer. But Lucas is really starting to break me down. I almost clicked-through to one of those Asian-babe-blogs this past week. And that's cutting it too close.
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At 9:47 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said:

Don't be too hard on Dave.

As Paulie V's lapdog, Dave has so little in the way of a life and the inability to formulate independent thought.

The Asian babes just bring Dave that much closer to Paulie.    

At 11:03 PM , Anonymous Dave Lucas said:

I must confess... one of those "Asian Babes" encouraged me to start blogging in the first place! When you look at their blogs, they DO have some unique things going on!
(aside, to Anonymous, Paul's only bow-wow is COOPER!) ;)    

At 6:20 AM , Anonymous Dave Lucas said:

I thought of your post today when I read THIS... this guy is onto something. I've noticed that the only posts that generate mass-interest are those involving females. ANY female. The only males that have come to my site thru any search engines have been THE ROLLING STONES, and the group trails way behind the lowest-ranking female on the searchlist. Now that I've said that, go HERE!    

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