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Oh, SmAlbany!

Daily posts and occasional longer essays about politics, culture, and life in the Capital Region...updated M-F, midmorning

"I write this not as a booster of Albany, which I am, nor an apologist for the city, which I sometimes am, but rather as a person whose imagination has become fused with a single place, and in that place finds all the elements that a man ever needs..." -W. Kennedy, from O Albany!

That's all folks...

Bright lights, big city: Yeah, there are developments in the fall election races. And yeah, there are updates on the Big House story, more news about the armory reopening, and WNYT is still headlining with gas-price stories. The school my mom teaches at is even on fire. And did you really think we could go a full week without at least linking to one tangential Geisel story?

But I'm done for the week. Off to a bachelor party in New York City. Now, before you call me a SmAlbany traitor, I did lobby hard for Saratoga. Unfortunately, I was overruled by a gaggle of New Yawkers who don't know Saratoga from Syracuse. So it's the Big Apple for me. Their loss.

See you Monday.

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE (11:45am): Ok. Just about to walk out the door. And now Geisel goes out and gets arrested again for DWI?!?! And Soares isn't messing around on this one:
The DA's office is handling the case, and is expected to revoke her bail later this morning.
I could write 3,000 words on this, but I won't. Take it from here, Dave Lucas! (Thanks to commenter Taratoo who alterted me to this story.) Lots to ponder between here and Tarrytown.
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At 3:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said:

The Times Union site had the advertisement for a bar on the story about her DWI    

At 7:28 PM , Anonymous Josh said:

BTW, Syracuse is waaaay better than Saratoga! Who invented the shot-clock? 'Nuff said :-P    

At 8:43 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said:

And who would have thought that the 'Cuse had a NBA team?

When I lived in that area if you were in Armory Square you were looking for a discount hooker.    

At 6:09 PM , Anonymous Josh said:

haha - Everyone always said that if you went to S. Warren St. to get a prostitute, you would probably be getting a crossdresser :-P    

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