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Soares does a 180

Turn around, bright eyes: Wow, does David Soares ever do a 180 in today's Times Unoin:
Soares said he had an appointment to meet with Joan Porco and her family today they needed to reschedule. "I'm hoping it will be soon, maybe later this week."

"Mom, I'm sure, has a lot of questions and one of the reasons for us wanting to visit with her is to answer those questions to the extent we can," Soares said. "We owe her that."

"We're also treading lightly with her, as to what we can share, because we know she is in contact with her son," he said. "Despite that, there is an issue of courtesy with her, as a crime victim."

"We owe her that."? "Mom, I'm sure, has a lot of questions."? It almost sounds like the new approach down on Eagle street is to be compassionate towards victims of attempted ax-murder! That's a far cry from last August, when Soares basically told Joan Porco she was a either a liar or a lunatic:
In an uncharacteristic public statement, Soares disputed Joan Porco's denials in a Times Union story that her 21-year-old son, Christopher, is a murderer.

It was the first time Porco had spoken out about the horrific Nov. 15 attack in which popular Appellate Division law clerk Peter Porco, 52, was bludgeoned to death with a fireman's ax and she was left near death in their Bethlehem bedroom with debilitating head and eye injuries.

"Based upon the information we have and everything we've looked at, she's wrong," Soares said Wednesday. "She doesn't have what we have. If she did? Maybe she'd think differently."

Looks like somebody got a quick lesson is how you treat your only eye-witness to a murder. On the other hand, this isn't exactly a bridge you are going to un-burn, assuming that was ever possible.

P.S. My wife didn't get picked for a trial at jury duty yesterday. But she has to go back on Thursday - there's hope yet!

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At 10:13 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said:

She's probably in denial, but that poor woman! To lose your husband (and your eye!) in such a horrific way, and then to have to deal with the possibility/probability that your son did it. Just ghastly.    

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