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Geisel, Soares, and witnesses

Geisel, Soares, and those mystery witnesses: So yes, it has come to fruition. Kinsella's early trial balloons of blackmail and victim status for Sandra Geisel have become a full-blown defense. As reported over the weekend in the TU:
A former Christian Brothers Academy teacher accused of raping a 16-year-old student waived immunity Friday, testifying for two hours that she was the true victim in the case, courthouse sources said.

Wearing a wrinkled black business suit, Sandra Beth Geisel, 42, came from the Albany County jail to voluntarily testify to the jury. In doing so, she gave up any protection against her testimony being used against her.

As you might imagine, Kinsella's spin-machine was on high:

"She testified about her situation," he said. "Alcohol is a very significant factor. She is an alcoholic."

Kinsella refused to confirm or discuss Geisel's defense strategy, nor would he comment on whether she has blamed her former students for the incidents during the last school year.

"That is a hypothetical question," Kinsella said. "Although you could infer that."

"It's a situation fueled by her alcoholic condition," he repeated. "Clearly, everyone involved in this was wrong. She's not interested in having these young men prosecuted for anything. She needs to be in rehab. But, right now she's in jail. And she's going to be there for a while."

Yawn. This isn't anything we didn't see coming - a predicatable outcome of a stalled grand jury and stalled negotiations between the DA and the defense. However, this was far more interesting:
An insider also said prosecutors learned Thursday that Geisel planned to claim she was a victim in the sexual scandal. Subsequently, prosecutors doubled the list of potential witnesses, resulting in the need for another day of testimony. Soares said testimony will continue next Friday.
Doubling the list of witnesses? Who does it make sense to pull in front of the grand jury now that Geisel is talking, but was useless to the case prior to her talking? I'm not sure, maybe the phantomjournalist? Unfortunately, for the first time in what seems like ages, P. David Soares is tight-lipped:
District Attorney David Soares would not discuss the matter.
I suppose that Soares now has the upper hand, with Geisel in jail and all. That really puts pressure on the defense to get a disposition, whereas beforehand they could have stalled and stalled as long as there was no indictment.
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At 7:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said:

It will be interesting to see how Soares handles the fact he wanted his cousin out of prison for murdering his wife- his excuse and reasoning- alcohol!
"Although Soares says that he doesn’t consider alcohol to be a mitigating factor in the Geisel case, he seemed to think that an alleged alcohol dependency by his cousin was enough to spring his relative from prison even though he’d been convicted of murdering his wife. " theempirjournal.com

So if you're a Soares' family member alcohol as an excuse is ok- just not for anyone else???

And does this mean Giesel should be off the hook -no but it speaks a lot about Soares doesn't it!

The Point: Soares is in overhead and lacks experience to be the DA!    

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